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looking to grow your music career?

The Empowered Producer

A digital course for artists and songwriters who want the freedom and power to self-produce.

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One of the most common (and costly) roadblocks I see people struggle with is their inability to produce their own professional-sounding demos.


Trust me, I know your pain.

I was in a songwriting class back in college. We were sharing our assignments. I was the ONLY woman in the class that had the guts to try to produce my own track. I shared it with the class. When giving feedback on my production, one of the guys paused for a moment, then said, "I think you should just have someone else produce it for you." Gut punch.


In one single moment he completely dismissed me as a producer. It made me livid. The worst part? He was probably right. It would've been faster and probably way better if I just hired someone else. But instead, I took all that anger and channeled it into an un-shakable determination to become a producer. And although it took me YEARS of practice and that truly embarrassing moment, I eventually became skilled enough to refer to myself confidently as a producer.


And now, so can you...


...because I've taken all of the knowledge, all the mistakes, lessons, tips and tricks I've collected over the years and infused them into this course.


At the end of The Empowered Producer, you'll walk away with no less than:

  • Complete confidence that you can make a professional demo whenever you need one. 

  • Proficiency in a wide range of production skills including, EQ, compression, reverb, side-chaining, mixing, comping, editing, and more.

  • Agency to create tracks that match what YOU hear in your head, not someone else's vision. 

  • Freedom from needing to hire producers, saving you time & money.

  • The knowledge you need to be an authority in your sessions (even in a room full of guys...)

  • Resources, templates, cheat-sheets and more to keep your workflow efficient.

  • An affordable list of gear you need to get your home studio functional.

  • A finished track that YOU produced. 


The Empowered Producer will be your ticket to self-sufficiency --

a one-time investment that will save you thousands of dollars (and hours) every moment after. 

Hey, there!

I'm Nismah!

I've been making music professionally since I was a kid (no, really, I had my first sync placement at 13!). I'm a songwriter, music producer, and artist development coach. Besides making amazing music, I love to empower other musicians (especially other women!) to build the career -- and life -- of their dreams. 

So far, I've landed over 200 sync placements (Netflix, USA, Apple TV+, INSP, OWN, E!, etc.), been given the opportunity to return to my alma mater, Berklee, to teach songwriting to the next generation of songwriters, studied with hit songwriting legend Kara DioGuardi, and currently provide coaching and mentorship to artists, songwriters, and producers, globally. 

Keep reading to see how I can help you create the music career of your dreams :)

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I can help you:

- Write stronger songs.

- Produce better tracks.

- Make quality demos for pitching.

- Find paying gigs.

- Learn how to get your music in tv shows + ads.

- Shift your mindset from hobbyist to professional.

- Improve your current project with value-packed feedback.

- Craft a unique growth strategy plan.

- Define and establish clear, attainable goals.

- Improve your workflows.

- Learn how to leverage your current skills.

- Network more effectively.

- Set yourself up financially for long-term sustainability.

- and more!

BOOK a FREE 30-min consultation. 

power-up IntensiveS

Looking to dive deep and get clear direction? An intensive might be for you.

These one-off, 6-hour*, full-focus one-on-one sessions are by-application-only, and are designed to get you ultra-clear on what's working, what's not working, and what to do next to get things moving forward. We'll dig into every aspect of your career - your songwriting, production, marketing, branding, financials and admin - and figure out how to optimize each area toward alignment with your goals.

Set up a free call to see if you're ready for an intensive. 

*includes a built-in 30-minute break.



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