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music licensing


The fast track to getting your music on tv and getting paid for it.

If you've ever:

  • been told by friends or family that your music would sound great in a movie or tv show

  • been watching a movie or tv show and wondered how you could get your music on there, too

  • been curious (or jealous) about how much money those "lucky few" really make every time their song plays on a tv show intro...


then sync licensing might be calling your name! 

When I discovered sync at the age of 13, I didn't really understand what I had stumbled into until it fell back on my lap almost 10 years later at the end of my college career. I quickly realized that making good money from your music was actually possible, and that you didn't have to do all the other "stuff" they tell you to do if you don't want to (like make social media posts, submit to Spotify playlists, chase people for streams, etc.) You just had to make great music, submit it, and repeat. That was definitely more my style.

So, that's what I did. Now, seven years and over 200 placements later, I'm looking to help other musicians who are currently in the same boat I was in all those years ago when I decided to take the leap - a.k.a. trying to find the path that actually pays them to do the thing they love - make music!

That's why I created Music Licensing Mastery. It's a no frills, systematic approach to sync licensing success intended to help musicians get results more quickly.

If you see yourself in any of what I'm saying, please read on!

What is it?

Simply put, this program is a product of me asking myself the age-old question, "what did I wish I knew then that I know now?" 

The answer resulted in a program intentionally designed to remove all the guesswork and trial-and-error that comes with pursuing success in music licensing. This will shave years off your timeline for seeing returns. 

Me and my team help you accomplish this by:

1. Providing you with direct access to key players in the music licensing world who can help you land paid placements (licensing agencies and music supervisors). No need to scour the internet throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping someone returns your email (or even opens it).

2. P
reparing you and your music to maximize those opportunities through high-touch, actionable feedback. This means you'll be 100% confident that the music you're spending your time and energy creating is all but guaranteed to be valuable in the sync marketplace.

We also work with you to find collaborators who complement your skill set, so you can focus on doing the things you're absolutely best at. 

TL;DR: create, submit, repeat.

That's it.

How does it work and what do I get?

Step 1: We work together to craft a unique plan tailored to your music, skillset, and resources.

Step 2: With high-touch coaching and feedback, we make sure you have sync-ready music to bring to pitch sessions.

Step 3: Through our direct introductions, you pitch your music to the industry pros who have the power to help you land placements.

We repeat steps 2 and 3 together for one year, so that by the end of our time together, you'll have:

  • A Wonder Woman-strong catalogue of music that's primed for music licensing opportunities (and the skills to keep making more).

  • Music signed with reputable agencies being pitched while you sleep.

  • Relationships with key players that you can enjoy for the rest of your career.

Think this might be the move for you?

Who is this for?

"What's the next step for me?" 


"How do I get my music/career to the next level?" 


If you've ever asked yourself a question along these lines, sync licensing may be the perfect move for you because it solves for two problems simultaneously: income and exposure

That said, this opportunity is best suited for indie artists and music-makers who know that they want to earn more music-related income and exposure, and just need a solid, promising direction to commit to. It's not for those who want to "get rich quick," or for those who don't understand that real, lasting success takes time and effort. 


Since we're guaranteeing results, we don't accept just anyone into the program. We look for a few key qualities that make us feel confident that it's going to be a win-win-win. If you see yourself in the points described below, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Coachable. You must have the skill of being able to take constructive feedback.

  • Self-Motivated/Disciplined. This is huge. Being able to keep your own momentum going is crucial for any chance of success in this program. If you're someone who needs constant reminders to show up and do the work, this program isn't for you. 

  • Passionate. This one might be obvious, but we can't help those who aren't absolutely starving for success. This hunger and passion is the fuel that keeps you going when you can't see the end of the tunnel and you're tempted to turn around. 

One Quick Note: Notice how none of the above have anything to do with music? That's because when you have the qualities we mentioned, everything else is just details. Additionally, our program includes robust training on how to identify and lean into your strengths and outsource the rest.

If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk with you!

Is sync right for you?

Not sure how sync works or how it could benefit you? Watch this free masterclass where I break everything down step by step and leave you with three easy-to-do next steps to get you started on your sync journey today.

Karis G.

"I wanted to say thank you for doing this and I found your sync presentation super helpful!"

Beth W.

"Nismah had a fantastic way of cutting down to the meat of the issues surrounding pursuing sync licensing.  She is extremely organized, knowledgeable and direct with her approach which for someone like me who has been in music my entire life, is very valuable and appreciated.  It’s hard to find a teacher that recognizes the artistic subtleties of the art form of sync while also simultaneously demonstrating a successful understanding of the business side as well. She is simply amazing at demystifying the pursuit and incredibly encouraging as well.  Nismah is a great coach and I look forward to working with her lots more in the future!"

Mike L.

“I really enjoy learning from Nismah. She helped me gain tons of clarity about what next steps to take and I've never been more excited to make music!”

Hey, there!

I'm Nismah.

I've been making music professionally since I was 13 when I landed my first sync placement. I'm a songwriter, music producer, and artist development coach. Besides making music, I love to empower other musicians to build careers that feel like their own.

So far, I've landed over 200 sync placements (Netflix, USA, Apple TV+, INSP, OWN, E!, etc.), taught songwriting and music business to the next generation of songwriters at my alma mater, Berklee, studied with hit songwriting legend Kara DioGuardi, and currently provide coaching and mentorship to artists, songwriters, and producers, globally. 

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