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Get Your Personalized Song

A unique approach to make any event special. The perfect gift for a birthday, mother’s day or father’s day. Propose to your loved one in the most irresistible way.  

Celebrate a wedding, engagement, anniversary, promotion, or graduation memorably.

Honor a veteran, bid fare-well to a good friend, or just say, “thank you.” Whatever the occasion, we can help add meaning to your special event with a personalized song.

For an extra special gift, send unique photos or videos to play over your custom song!

Songs start at $99.99 (originally $199.99), tax included. Click the link below to get started. 

The Story

From a little girl to her father, this song communicates the pure and never-ending bond that ties a daughter to her dedicated father.

The Story

This song was created for a woman's best friend who found incredible success in her business, almost by accident. Ever heard of Poo~Pourri? This song was written for its founder.

The Story

From a woman to her bride-to-be, this song is meant to represent the deep and unique love between them that overcomes any challenge.

Listen to some ways that others have given the unique gift of song to a loved one.

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