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6 Weeks to Sync Ready


I'm Nismah!

What if I told you there was a real way (not some ridiculous scheme) to make good money by making the music you love? 

No playlists, no social media posts, no 3-hour bar gigs in the summer heat. Just make music, submit, get placements, make money. All from the comfort of your home.

I know it sounds like a fantasy, but it's really not. This is called sync licensing,  and it's one of the most lucrative music industry corners.


Have you ever been watching a tv show or movie and notice the awesome song playing in the background? Well, that song came from somewhere, didn't it? Who did it come from?


A musician just like you

Even though my first placement was on an INSP network ad at just 13 years old, I didn't know that I had stumbled into something truly life changing until my last year in college when I started to learn more about what sync actually is. 

Since then, I've gone on to land over a hundred sync placements, in tv shows like: Dancing with the Stars, E! News, Netflix's Love is Blind, USA's Temptation Island, Apple TV+ Best Foot Forward, and so many more. 

I believe sync licensing can change lives, and more importantly, that anyone can do it who is willing to put their head down and do the work. 

That's why I've created this space where you can learn how to do the same!

If you are...

- tired of chasing streams and playlists for pennies 🎧 
- sick of the exhausting gig circuit 🎸
- done begging people to pre-save your songs ✔
- over the never-ending social media content-making 📷
- ready to learn an actual lucrative path to making music you're excited about 💲



MODULE 1: Personal Assessment and Goal Setting

In this critical foundational module we'll attack your limiting beliefs head on, preparing your mental space for what will be a life-changing experience. We'll get really clear on your "why" and have you set some tangible, trackable goals for our time together.

MODULE 2: Principles of Syncable Songs

Exactly how it sounds, in this module we'll dig into exactly what makes a song syncable, spending ample time focusing in on all the crucial elements of a song: lyrics, melody, arrangement. 

MODULE 3: PREparing the ADministrative ASpects

Sync is more than music. It's also heavily loaded with complex legal and industry-specific implications that can make or break your career. We'll talk about publishing, master rights, split sheets, PRO's and more. You'll know exactly how to get (and keep) your ducks in a row.

MODULE 4: partnering with collaborators

No person is an island, and that doesn't change in the sync world. Knowing how to BE a good collaborator as well as FIND good collaborators is a skillset in itself. We'll learn exactly how to do both, as well as master the details behind split and one-stop agreements.


Here's where we get to the really fun stuff!! Making syncable music!! Yay! We will dive deep into production dos and don'ts, best practices, demo-making how-to's, and more. This module will be the one that creates space for you to make your 3 sync songs and get feedback on them.

MODULE 6: Pitching your music

What good is sync-ready music if you don't know how to pitch it so you can start making money? We'll talk about how to research and connect with the right sync agencies, and how to organize and send your music for best results.


But wait, there's more!

Interview with a top sync agent/music supervisor

Near the middle of the program, you'll have access to an exclusive interview with a reputable sync agent or music supervisor who can tell you first-hand what people are looking for today.

48-Hour Sync SONG CHAllenge with cash prize!

Toward the final third of the program I will be hosting a challenge to create a sync song in 48 ours or less! Free to join, winning group gets cash prize of $200!


1. Weekly group Q&A with Me

2. Weekly Group Coaching CALL

3. Private Facebook Community

4. My team will be in the group every day answering questions.

Even me?

I don't have a following. Can I still do this?

I'm not young anymore. Is there still time for me?

I have a family and a full-time job. Will I be able to actually make any progress?

I want to have a career as an artist. Will this still be possible?

I don't have much money to spend on fancy gear and expensive producers. Can I still make it work?

The answer to these questions and more? 


What I love most about sync licensing is that it's anyone's game. 

You don't need exclusive industry connections, tons of money, to live in a music city, or know everything there is to know about music. 

You just need a willingness to learn, a fair amount of patience with yourself and the process, and the determination to see it through. 

Still not sure if this program is right for you?

Book a free, no pressure call with me and my team at the link below, or shoot me a message on IG, @nismahosman

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